Being Made Whole

Once it has been revealed to us that we are scarred or that we have misguided principles that are weighing us down preventing us from moving forward or growing we can take it to the Father who’s promise in the word is to make us whole. Our understanding of “perfection” and what it really means are two different things. Christ alone is perfect. We, in him are made perfect but it is not by our own doing. This is not a flesh thing but a spiritual thing. When we submit our all to Christ he will do a new thing in us – he will complete us, he will make us whole – he delivers us from the things that harm and from the fiery darts of the evil one. It is in his hands – he is the Potter and we are the clay.


Living Up To Perfectionism Is Tiring!!

My entire life I have been striving for the acceptance and love from people. This lockdown has done me good actually, I have had the time to reflect on things that I have been ignoring or not noticing for the longest time. I have been trying to be perfect – I am now tired and I can’t do it anymore.

With the attitude of striving towards absolute perfectionism I have done quite a bit of damage not only to myself but to the very ones I was seeking acceptance from – They didn’t accept me because they either didn’t feel good enough or perhaps they felt judged or condemned by my actions – My attitude of always doing things 100% alienated them! The vicious cycle continued and I was rejected!

This morning I realise that nobody is perfect, we are all just human and we are imperfectly beautiful and unique. Today life changes for me – I am learning I am enough just as I am.